Sustainable Development of Space: Space Mining is an International Research Roundtable hosted by the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver

The roundtable will leverage the global network developed by the Outer Space Institute based at UBC to address new and acute challenges concerning the governance of outer space, with a focus on space mining. The use and access to space is changing rapidly, due to technological change and the entry of new state and non-state actors, including large and highly capable companies. Interdisciplinary research is urgently needed to inform international policy decisions that will likely be made within the next 3-5 years. The complexity of the issues requires collaboration between astrodynamicists, planetary scientists, aerospace engineers, international lawyers, political scientists, industry leaders, and government decision makers – from around the world.

Multilateral and unilateral decisions are being made now on how space mining will take place, which may become realized in the next decade with the construction of the Lunar Gateway. Our goal is to generate  research-informed recommendations for space sustainability guidelines, building on existing work when possible, to be delivered directly to the governments of Canada and other space-faring states. Canada's commitment to providing Canadarm-3, the Outer Space Institute's presence and profile in the international space community, and UBC’s politically and geographically neutral position between the major space-faring countries, the US, Russia, China, India, and the European Union, all make UBC and Vancouver an optimal location to host this meeting.

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